The Art Of Filmmaking Workshop

This workshop is an 3 hour informational group-session class; It is geared to cover the main fundamental components of independent filmmaking and videography.  This workshop will cover the basics of cameras, audio recorders, shotgun mics, lighting equipment, screenwriting- formatting, and video editing software. The class will be lead by lecturing and demonstrations, giving you an overview-summary of independent and low-budget filmmaking.  The primary focus of this workshop is to give you a quick and effective outline on the main basic components of digital-cinema. After enrolling in this course, you will have a better understanding in the area of study that you would like pursue in future workshops.  (We offer more in depth camera, audio, lighting, screen-writing-formatting and editing workshops. ) To enroll in this exciting workshop, click the yellow "add to cart" button.  Feel Free to contact us at anytime. 
Location: CEC Center, 3500 Lancaster Ave.  Phila. PA 19104 - Time: Sat. Dec. 9 from 11-2PM

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